Axiom houses impressive structural design software, allowing us to support clients in the following areas:

  • Fitness for service assessments of on-site steelwork
  • Design of repairs or modifications to on-site structures
  • Review of additional loadings on existing steelwork
  • Design of new structures (both temporary and permanent)
  • Specification of temporary modifications to steelwork structures

With extensive knowledge in specifying industry standard repair procedures for common on-site structures such as pipe bridges and access platforms, we can offer guidance as to when a defective steelwork member should be repaired or replaced. Surveys of onsite structures are completed in tandem by our team of mechanical and inspection engineers.

We support our clients by reviewing a structures ability to withstand additional temporary loading, such as a pipe bridges integrity when subject to scaffold loading.

Utilising our in-house CAD software, we provide engineering drawings detailing structural steelwork designs, modifications and repairs in accordance with appropriate standards and design codes.