We have in place a dedicated project management service which allows us to fully support our client’s ability to manage and improve projects at every step.

This comprehensive and managed approach enables us to deliver successful projects on-time and in budget whilst ensuring regulatory compliance is adhered to at all times.

Our project management services include:

  • Review of project documentation
  • Agree project objectives
  • Review project organisation
  • Agree and establish project control methods
  • Generate a project co-ordination procedure
  • Produce a project plan
  • Generate a detailed schedule: ensure a definitive project programme is generated that can track project progress throughout the project
  • Undertake cost control
  • Review the requirement for specialist third party contractors
  • Generate procurement enquiry specifications for tendering to ensure all equipment and materials meet required standards and specifications
  • Review tenders
  • Manage suppliers and vendors
  • Manage external design contractor(s) or in-house design team
  • Produce detailed monthly reports to track and monitor progress
  • Help with the generation of the project environmental impact statement
  • Ensure all required hazard studies and risk assessments are completed
  • Liaise with all the necessary notifiable bodies e.g.: EA, HSE, local council
  • Review all contractor design drawings and documents
  • Oversee site construction
  • Oversee testing and commissioning and handover to client