Axiom’s Materials Engineers are experts at investigating equipment failures and determining the root cause. Our advice on how to repair equipment using the most suitable materials and joining techniques is invaluable. Working across metallic and non-metallic materials, we are pan-industrial covering all major process sectors through to transport and automotive.


Axiom’s Materials department add real depth to our mechanical and inspection services. Very few inspection providers can complement their services with the depth of knowledge and value that a qualified Materials Engineer can offer when investigating defects or deterioration.

Industrial process can expose materials of construction to harsh environments. Choosing the right material at the design stage, or understanding why an existing material is deteriorating is essential to running reliable and safe assets. Axiom’s Materials Engineers have years of industry experience and have access to in-house test facilities.

Our metallurgical laboratory has optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) capability, photo-microscopy, macro and micro hardness testing equipment together with a range of metallographic sample preparation equipment (mounting, grinding, polishing, etching etc.). The SEM has energy dispersive spectroscopy capabilities for elemental analysis.

Our Materials Engineers offer pragmatic solutions with clear and concise reporting. We understand industry and how important it is to give clear advice, especially during shutdowns where time and resources are critical.

Take a look at our materials service offerings for further details on how we can help you.