Our certified inspectors carry out above ground storage tank inspections in full accordance with EEMUA 159 regulations and standards.

Prior to any tank inspection, we produce a Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) detailing inspection requirements and any additional needs over and above the EEMUA 159 guidelines.

Where tanks do not fall within the scope of EEMUA 159, we will develop a focused WSE, based on our in-house guidance documents and the guidelines set out by EEMUA ensuring industry best practice is adhered to at all times.

Where defects or non-compliance is identified we offer a turnkey mechanical service that provides the course of action toward compliance.

Typical issues that can occur include:

  • Tank lean from the vertical
  • Settlement of foundations
  • Local and generally thinned areas
  • Structural integrity concerns
  • Repairs, modifications and welding procedures
  • Other services associated with storage tanks
  • Assessment of non-codal compliant tanks
  • Corrosion management
  • Inspection and assessment of linings
  • Specifying repair procedures and welding requirements
  • Material of construction compatibility with stored products

Inspection reports are written and uploaded on to our Asset Management Database (AMD) and accessed via a web portal. This ensures companies can access their records from anywhere in the world at any time.