Axiom Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) documents assess the process conditions and potential deterioration of equipment mechanisms.

Occasionally, a more detailed study of the process conditions and deterioration mechanisms are required in order to fully understand the inspection requirements and provide confidence following an inspection.

We offer our expertise in providing cost-effective and time saving methods for our clients, such as evaluating which equipment would most benefit from inspection and pose no risk.

There are established approaches to developing an understanding of the risk of operating process equipment, e.g. API RP 580/581, as well as proprietary techniques.

Quantitative and semi-quantitative Risk Based Inspections (RBI) depend on obtaining repeatable and reliable data such as process conditions, deterioration mechanisms and rates. It is only possible to carry out these studies once appropriate data has been identified and collected. We assist owners by identifying appropriate data collection strategies to provide meaningful analysis during RBI reviews as well as carrying these out.

We follow qualitative principles and our experts have experience of carrying out the additional semi quantitative and quantitative assessments.

Firstly, we focus our assessment to identifying each failure mode with regards to:

  • Understanding how the equipment will fail
  • Understanding what deterioration will cause the failure
  • Establishing deterioration rates
  • Determining the probability and consequences of failure
  • Developing inspection techniques that will detect the potential deterioration modes
  • Potentially identifying actions that may be required to mitigate such failure

By evaluating the probability and consequences of failure, we rank the equipment in order of risk which can help to justify maintenance spend and timings.

We review our WSEs following each inspection taking the information from this into account and, if necessary, making any changes as required. This ensures that the assessment remains valid in light of new information along with changes to process conditions or repairs/modifications.

An Inspection Engineer manages the process with input from a Materials and Mechanical Engineer as required. This consists of:

  • Carrying out a data-gathering exercise where all pertinent information is obtained
  • Analysing available information and developing a proposed WSE for each item of equipment
  • Conducting a series of meetings or submitting technical queries in order to validate and adjust the WSEs as necessary
  • Once this is complete, the WSEs are issued electronically for endorsement
  • We are able to deliver this online which streamlines this process and saves on costly RBI meetings