Our bespoke Asset Management Database (AMD) is the central point for clients to access all documentation produced by our company. Every inspection, assessment, engineering design, calculation or failure analysis undertaken out on your equipment is recorded in the AMD.

Every asset has a record card where all documents associated with that item are located. This provides the client with all necessary data, relating to individual assets.

The advantages of having internet access to your records are:

  • Having instant access to your records at any given time
  • The database is provided free of charge to clients that engage with Axiom
  • Key Performance Indicators and compliance with UK Regulations and your own integrity management programme
  • Receiving access to monthly management reports detailing work undertaken and condition of your assets
  • Having access to your inspection records in different ways – e.g. group all your piping system records together or look at all your records per plant area
  • Rank your equipment in order of risk so you can focus your inspection efforts on high-risk items
  • Accessing all actions identified during the inspection and track them through to completion
  • Grouping actions together to obtain budget estimates for asset life planning
  • Submitting your own documents online as a repository for all activities to do with your specific equipment
  • Linking equipment together as associated items – if one area is affected you can investigate to see which other equipment could be potentially affected
  • Receiving online notifications to your email inbox when inspection reports have been completed or your endorsement is required for reports with hyperlinks to the records in question
  • A secure database requiring username and password access which is given on a per-user basis so that access to individual databases remains secure and tightly controlled
  • As the AMD has been developed in-house, we can adapt and make changes to suit our client’s requirements with our system developer